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You know your business is unique and you are the best at what you do!  What if your online images accurately represent the story of how you uniquely serve your customers? Let's create pictures that help people understand your value, get them engaged, and excited about working with you!




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Do you wish you had an "On-Demand" Photographer?

Are you ready to boost your business visibility on social media? What if your business had a continual flow of fresh photographs that communicated your company culture, generated a feeling of confidence about your business, and encouraged connection? Would you like an "on-demand" photographer to help you create images that accurately represent your business without the cost of hiring an employee? 

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Stacy Kaat curated my shoot the way an artist creates a masterpiece.

Stacy Kaat Photography is the complete package and more. Stacy's comprehensive program focuses on communicating your brand through masterfully and beautifully executed photo shoots. Stacy Kaat's attention to detail is unsurpassed. She is a synergetic photographer and business woman who integrates her wide network of professionals into any photoshoot. My shoot took place at the Women's Club of Wisconsin. Stacy Kaat curated my shoot the way an artist creates a masterpiece. I was new to the Milwaukee area and Stacy not only delivered the best photography and personal branding experience I could have imagined, she introduced me to other women coaches, some of whom have become my dear friends and colleagues. When I needed a studio photographer for a feature in the Keep Smiling movement book series, Stacy photographed me in her studio and brought forth one of the most beautiful photos that I have seen of myself. That's what Stacy does: she helps you bring out the very best of what you have to offer in pictures. The whole experience reinforced my brand and I was able to create an amazing website and marketing copy for my business. 
~ Ellema Albert Neal